Thursday, November 3, 2011

shameless plug

Rather than reading a movie review this week, I would appreciate it if you go check out my new site.  The site covers an introduction to lacrosse, and I would hear your feedback in the comments below.

visit the site here:


  1. I've never played lacrosse before or even watched a game! (which is probably a sin I know), but great job on the website, I think you got your point across very well. And for someone who knows nothing about lacrosse, I learned a lot!

  2. Very Cool website. I like how minimal it is. By that I mean its not too busy. I tried very hard to incorporate that aspect to mine you suceeded very well. It's very organic and flows very easily. I love the Side Bar buttons. Not sure how you did that, its awesome. The text read very very easily. Nice Job.

  3. This was a timely website because my nephew has expressed an interest in playing lacrosse, and I was unfamiliar with the game. Liked the format and easily switched between pages for more information. If you were to add anything else, I would have liked reading a brief summary of the sport's history. Isn't it a Native American sport?